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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

  • What is BikeFinder?

    BikeFinder is the worlds first integrated tracking device for any kind of bicycle using GPS/GSM. It is located and locked inside the handlebar of your bike.

  • Where and how can I buy BikeFinder?

    You can pre-order your BikeFinder right here on our website in the BikeFinder Shop.

    BikeFinder will also be available at XXL and other retailers during 2018

  • When will BikeFinder ship its products?

    The estimated shipping time if you order today is during summer 2018. This estimate may change if there are unforeseen delays or circumstances in the development process. To receive continuous updates on the delivery process please subscribe to our newsletter

  • How is the BikeFinder different from any other tracker?

    BikeFinder is a product which is developed from scratch. We have used state-of-the art technology for the GPS, GSM and mobile connectivity antenna “LDS”. The battery is also specially fitted to the product, so that it will not break no matter how much the product bends.

    The unique locking system is an expansion bolt, which makes it almost impossible to remove the product without our specially developed tool. The expansion part makes the product possible to fit handlebars with inner diameter ranging from ⌀15mm – 23mm (i.e. every on the shelf handlebar out there)

  • What's in the box?

    The product box consist of a BikeFinder tracker, spare parts, 2.5m USB-C charging cable with adapter, dummy bar-end, installation tool and an instruction manual.

  • Where can I assemble BikeFinder?

    In theory, you can assemble the product wherever you like. But remember that the product is only certified and designed for being installed inside the handlebar of a bicycle.

  • Where does BikeFinder have connectivity?

    Using Telenor eSIM, BikeFinder has coverage all over EU.

Features and Functionality

  • Does BikeFinder fit inside all types of handle bars?

    BikeFinder is 15mm wide, and is equipped with a expansion bolt. This expansion bolt makes it possible to fit handle bars between the measurements ⌀15mm – 23mm. Every “off the shelf” steering tubes on the market fits these measurements.

    The tracker is 193,5 mm long, so you have to ensure that there is not anything stopping for installing the unit inside the handlebar.

    The product is bendable up to maximum 45 degrees, meaning it will fit both straight and curved handlebars.

  • Can I use the tracker for other handle bars, than bicycles?

    The tracker may fit motorcycles, scooters, ATV and other types of handle bars. This however, is not tested by the BikeFinder team, and we cannot recommend or vouch for other use than in bicycles.

  • Can I use handlebar-ends, while have the tracker installed?

    It is not possible to use regular handlebar-ends that covers the BikeFinder antenna. This is because aluminium and carbon, which the handlebar-ends often are made of, will disturb the GPS and GSM signal. This disruption is explained as the “Faradays Cage”. For this reason we have designed the antenna so that it looks like a normal black bar-end.

  • Will BikeFinder support connecting to third party gadgets/services, like Strava, Ant+, WIFI, Power meters, etc?

    Not as of yet. But let’s just say the future of the BikeFinder is bright and filled with many exciting possibilities. That being said, we never promise anything more than what we feature on our web page and under product specifications.

  • How often do I have to charge my BikeFinder?

    This depends on how many positioning updates you demand from the tracker. We have made a smart controller in the BikeFinder app, which makes it possible to adjust the positioning updates between 20 seconds, and 48 hours. The battery life could also depend on the variations in temperature. In standby mode, it will last for around 8 weeks.


  • What are the specifications of the BikeFinder?

    Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the product specifications:

    Weight 51 g
    Dimensions 193.5 x 15 mm

    GSM & GPRS

    Satellite system

    GPS and GLONASS satellite system


    Rechargeable (USB-C)

    960 mAh. Up to 8 weeks battery life

    Battery charger

    2.5m USB-C charger, with European adapter

    Unique locking system

    Unique expansion bolt, 2*2mm tamper proof screws. Locking system developed with custom tool

    Spare parts

    Extra Rubber for locking system, 2 extra tamper proof screws, extra front cover.

    English only
    More specifications to be announced

  • What is so special about the BikeFinder?

    BikeFinder was built from the ground-up together with our R&D partners including a World Tour professional race team and a bike manufacturer. It is designed to work just as good for the home-work-home cyclist, as for the worlds fastest cyclists. It does not matter if you have an expensive bike, the important thing is that you would like to keep it in your possession.

    Since size definitely matters for BikeFinder, we were able to make one of the worlds smallest PCB with GPS and GSM; 12*42mm.

    Also, BikeFinder has agreements with insurance companies, where you will get benefits on your bike insurance by having a BikeFinder installed (currently only for Norwegian customers)

  • Is BikeFinder waterproof?

    We have tested the product to be IP56, which is a international dust-, and water- proof level.

  • How sturdy is BikeFinder?

    The product is made from different plastic materials which, as most gadgets, is possible to break. However the product is solidly protected by the handle bar when installed in the bike.

  • Do you provide BikeFinder PCB for custom development?

    BikeFinder will not initially ship with an officially supported PCB. We might initially, however, release an unsupported PCB for developers we choose to work with. Please contact us at if this is interesting.

Payment, Shipping and Refund

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged immediately after the order is placed, for the full amount due.

  • When will you deliver to my country?

    As much as we would love to deliver BikeFinders to everyone, it will initially only be available to the listed countries below.

    The reason we don’t ship BikeFinder globally yet is that we need to prioritize our efforts and make sure we support our selected markets properly. We cannot just send devices on a ship or a plane to any given address, we have to make sure we can support customers with returns, repairs and of course connectivity. However, we will work hard to support more countries in the future.

    Here are the countries we will ship to when we start to send out BikeFinder to customers.

    Czech republic

  • What is the current pre-order price for BikeFinder?

    The pre-order price features a limited edition bundle which is priced at €105, though this offer is not permanent and pricing may change as we move towards the first shipment of products. If you order now the plan is to ship during summer of 2018.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping costs for the BikeFinder is not included in the pre-order price. Shipping method may vary depending on your shipment address, country and region.

  • What happens when I pre-order?

    We charge your payment card for the full amount and then reserve your pre-order bundle products so you’ll be the first to get them when they’re ready to ship. Pre-ordering makes sure you get the products as soon as possible. All orders are processed first come, first served.

  • What is your policy on refunds?

    If you cancel your pre-order before notification of shipment (around two weeks before actual shipment), you will receive a full refund within six weeks (usually it only takes a few days). After receiving your order, there are different return/refund policies depending on law and regulation in your country. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

  • How do I ask for a refund?

    If you would like to cancel your pre-order and ask for a refund, please reply to the confirmation email we sent you after you pre-ordered. Also, make sure the transaction number is in the email.

    If you have pre-ordered a BikeFinder but haven’t received a confirmation email, and would like to cancel your order, then please let us know by submitting a request in our help center or contact us via

  • Does the price include vat or other duties?

    VAT is not included in the named price. shipping prices will vary between countries. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Our third-party payment provider Stripe offers these debit/credit card payment options:

    American Express

  • I have pre-ordered but haven't received a confirmation e-mail

    When you pre-order a BikeFinder you will receive a confirmation email which will serve as the receipt. It will be sent to the email address used when placing the order.

    If you haven’t received the confirmation e-mail, then first check your spam folder in your e-mail client. If you still can’t find the confirmation then submit a request to us by sending an e-mail to When submitting the request please let us know about the date of the pre-order, your name and your shipping address.

Unit functionality

  • What does the different LED-light colors indicate?

    The LED-light is located on the right side of the USB-C input when properly installed and is there to tell you the current state of your unit.

    LED color meanings

    No LED – Unit is asleep
    Beep followed by LED light turning Green – Unit is starting up
    Red – Unit is asleep but is currently charging
    Green – Unit has charger put in, but has full battery
    Blinking Green – Unit is searching for GSM coverage/mobile network coverage
    Blinking Blue – Unit is searching for GPS signal