BikeFinder Tracker

kr 999,00

+ kr 59 on the 1st of each month - BikeFinder subscription Read more

Fully integrated GPS & GSM tracking device for all kinds of bikes. BikeFinder is installed and locked on the inside of the handlebar, making it virtually impossible to spot and remove for the mobile thief. Any attempt to remove the unit will activate a motion detector and alert the owner via the BikeFinder app.


The product’s generic and smart design enables extremely easy installation in electric, hybrid, road, terrain and child bikes. The unit is 15 mm in diameter with an expansion function ranging from 15-23 mm (.59 – .91inches)

GPS & GSM signaling enables users to track the bike’s real time position via mobile application or web-browser. In the app, the user can activate motion sensors and sirens. BikeFinder can be customized to your needs and you choose what information you want, and when you want it. The motion detector can also trigger siren.


The battery has a lifespan of up to 8 weeks in standby mode, and is easily charged via USB-C while still installed in the bike. The tracker can also be charged during transport using power bank. The unit update frequency can be changed from 20 seconds to 48 hours.


The product contains an integrated SIM. Subscription price: 59 NOK per month (5.99€), including SMS and data. First month is free of charge. Registration occurs after you receive the device.

For further information about Bikefinder, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.


Technical specs

Weight 51 g
Dimensions 193.5 x 15 mm


Satellite system

GPS and GLONASS satellite system


Rechargeable (USB-C)

960 mAh. Up to 8 weeks battery life

Battery charger

2.5m USB-C charger, with European adapter

Unique locking system

Unique expansion bolt, 2*2mm tamper proof screws. Locking system developed with custom tool

Spare parts

Extra Rubber for locking system, 2 extra tamper proof screws, extra front cover.