BikeFinder Manual

This manual describes the proper use of the BikeFinder tracker and all accessories. Make sure to read this before installation and activation of the tracker.
Be confident that all warnings are read and understood before use. 

Box content

BikeFinder Tracker – Tool – Screw Covers – Dummy Bar-End – USB-C Charger

Installation guide

Charge the unit;

  • Remove USB-C cover and charge for 2 hours.
    Led indicator color meanings:
    Blue – Bluetooth connected
    When charger is connected – Red: Battery below 90%. Green: Battery above 90%
    Yellow – Unit is working properly
    Cyan – Unit is searching for GPS signal
    Magenta – Initial setup loop, this will happen after a reset.

Install the tracker

  • Insert tracker inside handlebar. If curved handlebar let the unit bend naturally. Do not bend unit by force of hand.
    Make sure that the LED-light is facing right when installing the tracker – this is so that the antenna stays in the correct position and receives the best possible GPS signal.
    Install dummy bar-end inside the other handlebar.

Lock the unit

  • Fasten the screws using the attached tool. Tighten the two screws evenly, one at a time.

Put on screw caps and USB-C cover

  • Cover the screws and the USB-C input by using the screw covers.
    This will make sure that the unit is virtually impossible to recognize from the outside.

Your BikeFinder is now properly installed and is now ready for use

APP Setup

    • Download the app
      Download the BikeFinder app to your Android or IOS device.
      The app can be found in the App Store and on in Google Play
    • Register using e-mail or social media accounts and pair using QR-code

  • Upload bike information
    To make the job easier for the proper authorities in case you need to retrieve your bike, we recommend you upload
    – A picture of your bike
    – Bicycle frame number
    – Image of bike receipt


APP Settings

  • Set update interval
    The update interval lets you decide on how often you want your unit to update its position.
    Update intervals can be set between 1 minute and 48 hours.
    NOTE: Frequent updates on position will drain battery life quicker. We therefore recommend keeping the update interval at 5 hrs + unless you for some reason need to actively track your bike in real time.
  • Bluetooth update interval (R)
  • Turn on/off notifications (R)
    Enabling this feature lets both us and the app send you push-warnings. This is an important feature to have activated, because it alerts you if someone is tampering with your bike.
  • Turn on/off siren (R)
    The tracker has an 80 db integrated siren.
  • Movement sensor
    Activating the movement sensor setting enables the tracker to send you a push-warning on your phone if movement is detected on your unit.
  • Ride mode (R)
    When riding your bike you can activate “Ride mode”. This will turn off the unit for the amount if time you are using your bike. After the set ride time is finished your unit will go back to its original settings and update interval.
  • Simple mode (R)
    Simplifies the layout of the app and shows only the basic options.
  • In case of theft – Tracking code (R)
    NOTE: Bicycle thieves are criminals. Please give information to the proper authorities for retrieval of bike.

Fault and Repairing/Warranty Policy

BikeFinder warrants that the Product conforms with the Technical Specifications for a period of one year after you received the products, or for the period prescribed by mandatory law in your jurisdiction, whichever is longer. All warranties are processed according to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Accessories and other peripherals; BikeFinder does not repair or replace accessories related to the product other than what the product warranty covers.

Maintenance and maintenance schedule; BikeFinder is made so that it does not need maintenance throughout its life cycle. If you are having issues with your tracker, please contact our customer service at

For other enquiries or questions regarding warranty contact;


General; The BikeFinder unit has a built-in SIM-card and uses mobile data to transfer positioning information to the mobile app or web-browser. To activate tracking you need an active BikeFinder subscription. Included in your subscription is data enough for average use and this covers tracking all over EU. BikeFinder uses 2G/GSM/GPS and Bluetooth for locating and the app always shows the last known location and signal source. Time required for accurate position acquisition depends on setting: Longer update intervals may be overwritten by activating the “Motion sensor”, as the unit wakes up when moved.  

Storage environment; Humidity 20~60%, temperature 0-45°C, avoid direct sunlight.

Product certifications; see Declaration of Conformity

Privacy Policy; See Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions; See Terms and Conditions

Third party applications; BikeFinder is as of now not compatible with any third party applications or systems

Wiereless command; 2014/53/EU
Electromagnetic Compatibility; 2014/30/EU
Voltage Equipment Safety; 2014/35/EU
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